Story Telling in Nursery

Hello, this is Miss Davies. This is our blog site, here you will find information about what we are doing and learning about at Nursery.

In Nursery the children listen to stories everyday, we read and tell familiar and traditional tales each day as well as other favourite stories. The children are joining in more and more, they are saying the repeated and well-known phrases and anticipating what will happen next in the story. These are important steps in learning to read and we hope to encourage this by using story boards at Nursery and at home with you.

The children will take turns to take a story board home, everyone will get a turn. Two story boards will go home each Friday and we ask that they be returned on Monday. This will give time to make sure they are ready for the next boy or girl to take home.

In each of the story board packets there is a felt board, a story book and props for each of the characters in the story.

The idea of the story board is for you and your child to be able to share stories in a different ways.

Annabel really enjoyed playing with the story board at Nursery.

Feel free to add a comment to tell the Nursery team what you think about our new story boards.

Miss Davies

12 thoughts on “Story Telling in Nursery

  1. That was so cute, nursery are doing so well and what I like is that the two girls tried to remember the words.

  2. I thought it was fantastic. Were those children doing sign language because my mam and dad are deaf and I had to learn sign language to communicate with my parents, so if it was can you please tell those 2 children I am very impressed!!!!

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